Friday, November 16, 2007

Why i set up this blog

Well I think this first post should explain why I have set up this blog.

I am 38 and have been married to my wife for over 10 years now, I believe that she is a wonderful person and as I am told so often that I talk about her all the time and that I seem very proud of her which I am.

My only regret until recently is that I have felt for years that I have not been honest with her, as I have a both a kinky and very submissive side which I have kept suppressed as I believe many of us men do for most of my life for fear of losing the one we have fallen in love with.

I recently with a great deal of trepidation decided that I had to be honest with my wife about my proclivities and that I have deep-seated submissive feelings that I would like to express in serving her and making her happy and that may be along the way may be she may want to introduce one or two kinks into the relationship to give it some spice and to help her feel more dominant.

As you will appreciate when one makes decisions on this scale it is very scary to contemplate the possible outcomes will my wife be disappointed in me, will she think I am a dreadful pervert and hate me, will she just not respect me enough and want a divorce, immediately fall out of love with me, feel cheated as I am not me man she married etc.

I did a lot of soul searching and a lot of reading on the internet trying to finds some information and background to real experiences of introducing 24/7 D/s into a relationship. There is a great deal on femdom, loving female authority, wife led marriage etc. and many other topics around D/s relationships on the web, but most are fantasy I think may be 1 or 2 % are based on real experiences if that. There where one or two very useful blogs and pages and once I work out this blog page stuff I will attach them so all readers can visit them.

So getting back to the reason for this blog if you are a husband or boyfriend who would like to introduce D/s with you as the sub into your relationship or You area women faced with a husband who has shocked you with that revelation I thought it might be interesting and may be helpful if you see how another relationship has developed.

I intend to post details of how the dynamic of my relationship develops with my wife and how I introduced the topic which I have only done very recently. I hope this may help others with seeing the advantages and pitfalls how another couple fare with what I hope will be a rewarding experience the exploration of this life style for us both. I am at least keeping my fingers crossed that it works out for my wife and I but if not you will get to know and have my opinion on why. I just hope it gives other men out there the courage to take the step I have as suppressing the real you as I have is not good for you or your partner.